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Plain tobacco packs awaken a sleeping tobacco industry

Category: Science blog May 9, 2012

As Australia unveils the decision to remove branding from tobacco packaging, we ask an Australian public health expert for...

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Should tobacco be sold in standardised packs? The answer is plain

Category: Science blog April 26, 2012

The answer is plain – we want to help raise awareness of the Government consultation into the future of tobacco packaging.

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“When you don’t have anything else, our packaging is our marketing”

Category: Science blog April 18, 2012

The tobacco industry has a single marketing tool left at it's disposal, cigarette packing - our campaign hopes to change t...

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A personal story about the impact of tobacco

Category: Science blog April 16, 2012

Hear a mother's account of the devastating impact of tobacco and how important the discussion about the future of tobacco ...

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UN meeting on non-communicable diseases was only a partial success

Category: Science blog November 14, 2011

We share our thoughts following a big UN meeting about several diseases, including cancer - what was discussed and how cou...

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Year of Radiotherapy: A lot can change in 100 years

Category: Science blog July 29, 2011

From it's early use 100 years ago, we mark the year of radiotherapy with a breakdown of what needs to be done to ensure a ...

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