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Watch and share our video about tobacco industry tactics

Science Blog November 11, 2013

Our video explores how tobacco packaging is used as a marketing tool for the tobacco industry to attract customers and sell its lethal products.

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A small cardboard box – what’s all the fuss about?

Science Blog February 13, 2013

As MPs are sent our message that tobacco packaging attracts customers, we look at just how important standardised packaging could be for public health.

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Guest post – “Plain packs won’t encourage smuggling”

Science Blog December 7, 2012

An expert in the dodgy dealings of counterfeit goods shares his view that standardised tobacco packaging won’t encourage the black market for illegal tobacco.

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Plain packs – thanks for your support

Science Blog August 13, 2012

Following our campaign – “The answer is plain” – we collect together the evidence for standardised tobacco packaging and highlight the support we’ve received.

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A personal experience of treating lung cancer patients

Science Blog May 14, 2012

Hear the first hand experience of a lung cancer nurse, from what it’s like to care for patients to the importance of reducing smoking to help fight the disease.

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Plain packaging reaction: separating fact from fiction

Science Blog May 11, 2012

An issue as important as standardised tobacco packaging will always attract media attention – can you spot what’s true and what isn’t?

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Plain tobacco packs awaken a sleeping tobacco industry

Science Blog May 9, 2012

As Australia unveils the decision to remove branding from tobacco packaging, we ask an Australian public health expert for his view on this historic move.

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