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Nick studied biomedical sciences at the University of Manchester, including one year at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute working on DNA damage and repair. He then ventured down south, completing a PhD at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute on the signals that help cells move. He joined the News and Multimedia team in 2013, helping to manage the charity’s blog and news feed.

News digest – new immunotherapy results, ‘personalised vaccines’, an ‘injectable lab’ and more

Category: Science blog April 25, 2015

New immunotherapy results from a big US conference, another first step towards ‘personalised cancer vaccines’, plus what’s an ‘injectable lab’?

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News digest – cancer’s family tree, a melanoma ‘safe haven’, misleading reports about a blood test and more

Category: Science blog April 18, 2015

Piecing together cancer’s family tree, new research exposes melanoma’s ‘safe have’, plus another ‘simple blood test’ that’s not so simple, or a bl...

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Science Snaps: exposing melanoma’s ‘safe haven’ to help tackle drug resistance

Category: Science blog April 13, 2015

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series Science Snaps

We explore new research showing how healthy cells surrounding a melanoma may help the cancer cells become resistant to targeted cancer drugs.

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News digest – pensioners’ risk of melanoma, mimicking blood vessels, clam cancer and more

Category: Science blog April 11, 2015

Package holiday boom and increased skin cancer rates, breast cancer cells may mimic blood vessels to spread and clams can catch cancer from clams.

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News digest – prostate cancer family tree, pineapples, walnuts and more

Category: Science blog April 4, 2015

New research plots the genetic history of prostate cancer, plus misleading claims about pineapples and walnuts. Here’s this week’s cancer news.

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Moving to the Crick: excitement and trepidation

Category: Science blog April 2, 2015

A scientist tells us about what he and the rest of his team are thinking about moving to the new Francis Crick Institute in London.

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Cancer drugs: ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ – Laura’s story

Category: Science blog March 26, 2015

Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors, Laura Ashurst, shares why she campaigns for the Government to make effective drugs available for all patients who need them.

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