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Nick studied biomedical sciences at the University of Manchester, including one year at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute working on DNA damage and repair. He then ventured down south, completing a PhD at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute on the signals that help cells move. He joined the News and Multimedia team in 2013, helping to manage the charity’s blog and news feed.

CRISPR gene editing: new chapter in cancer research or blot in the ethical copybook?

Category: Science blog February 1, 2016

We explore a new revolutionary gene editing technology called CRISPR that’s taking labs by storm as scientists look to understand the genetics behind cancer.

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News digest – drug approval, flexible pressure sensor, pen-sized microscope, engineered molecules and… olive oil?

Category: Science blog January 30, 2016

Cancer drugs approved, a tiny microscope for spotting cancer cells, engineering molecules so cells can ‘sense’ and why some £5 olive oil isn’t worth it.

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Grand Challenge five: build a ‘Google Street View’ for cancer

Category: Science blog January 20, 2016

This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Grand Challenge

We home in on the fifth of our Grand Challenges, and ask the experts about what it will take to build a ‘Google Street View’ for cancer.

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News digest – moon-shots, Bowie, Rickman, screening updates and… life on Mars?

Category: Science blog January 16, 2016

Obama’s ‘moon-shot’, new changes proposed for bowel and cervical screening and is there life on Mars? Here’s the week’s cancer news.

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News digest – alcohol guidelines, alarming obesity trends, e-cigarette medical license and… Tasmanian devils?

Category: Science blog January 9, 2016

Updated alcohol guidelines, our obesity report reveals worrying trends and how are Tasmanian devils catching cancer? Here’s the week’s cancer news.

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News digest – ovarian cancer screening, charity spending claims, luck and…an oily fish binge?

Category: Science blog December 19, 2015

No definitive answer on ovarian cancer screening, misleading charity spending claims, luck and can vitamin A stop bowel cancer spreading?

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News digest – oxygen scan, tiny tech, Chief Medical Officer’s report, ovarian cancer drug approval and… contradicting articles?

Category: Science blog December 12, 2015

Scanning for oxygen, tiny tech and nanobubbles, Chief Medical Officer on obesity threat, NHS green light for ovarian cancer drug and spot the contradiction.

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