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Nick studied biomedical sciences at the University of Manchester, including one year at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute working on DNA damage and repair. He then ventured down south, completing a PhD at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute on the signals that help cells move. He joined the News and Multimedia team in 2013, helping to manage the charity’s blog and news feed.

“I want to make sure that radiotherapy is accessible to everyone” – Elizabeth’s story

Category: Science Blog December 12, 2014

Cancer Campaigns Ambassador Elizabeth Bailey shares her personal story of breast cancer and why she campaigns for Government to improve access to radiotherapy.

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Molecular ‘safety-net’ stops tumour cell DNA being torn apart

Category: Science Blog December 8, 2014

We explore new research on how cancer cells divide, and a potential weakness that could be exploited to kill them.

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News digest – the Autumn Statement and cancer, surgery in older people, broccoli and more

Category: Science Blog December 6, 2014

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and what it means for cancer, new report on surgery in older patients, and is there such a thing as a ‘broccoli pill’?

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What does the Autumn Statement mean for cancer research?

Category: Science Blog December 5, 2014

Our Policy and Public Affairs team take a look at the announcements made in the Autumn Statement and how they might impact our research and patient care.

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News digest – treatment targets missed, prostate cancer and obesity, liquid hand soap and more

Category: Science Blog November 22, 2014

Cancer treatment target missed again, evidence links obesity and aggressive prostate cancer, plus could liquid hand gel be harming your health?

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Getting cancer’s story straight

Category: Science Blog November 16, 2014

In this guest post from one of our researchers we dig a bit deeper into cancer’s genetic story and tackle the mystery of some missing pages.

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News digest – DNA ‘blind spots’, monster chromosomes, the Cancer Drugs Fund and more

Category: Science Blog November 15, 2014

Unravelling cancer’s genetic ‘blind spots’, what’s a ‘monster chromosome’? Plus the latest announcements on the controversial Cancer Drugs Fund.

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