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Nick studied biomedical sciences at the University of Manchester, including one year at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute working on DNA damage and repair. He then ventured down south, completing a PhD at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute on the signals that help cells move. He joined the News and Multimedia team in 2013, helping to manage the charity’s blog and news feed.

News digest – next steps for standard cig packs, couples getting healthy, e-cigarettes and more

Category: Science blog January 24, 2015

Great news about standardised cigarette packaging, research on couples getting healthy and some questionable science around e-cigarettes – here’s the news.

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News digest – Cancer Drugs Fund, oxygen and lung cancer, breast cancer gene and more

Category: Science blog January 17, 2015

More news on Government cancer drug funding, hyperactive gene linked to aggressive form of breast cancer and can oxygen cause lung cancer?

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News digest – ‘bad luck’, cancer drugs, 2.5 million people living with cancer and more

Category: Science blog January 10, 2015

Tough news on Government cancer drug funding, 2.5 million people living with cancer in 2015 and is cancer ‘mainly bad luck’? Here’s the week’s cancer ne...

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Science Snaps: Sir Henry Morris and the ‘anonymous Gentleman’

Category: Science blog January 6, 2015

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Science Snaps

We explore the fascinating story of how an anonymous letter sparked a new approach for researching cancer in the UK.

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News digest – Government science funding, exercise and prostate cancer, drug approval and more

Category: Science blog December 20, 2014

Government science funding announcement, exercise and prostate cancer, plus a handful of stories about drug approval – here’s the week’s cancer news.

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“I want to make sure that radiotherapy is accessible to everyone” – Elizabeth’s story

Category: Science blog December 12, 2014

Cancer Campaigns Ambassador Elizabeth Bailey shares her personal story of breast cancer and why she campaigns for Government to improve access to radiotherapy.

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Molecular ‘safety-net’ stops tumour cell DNA being torn apart

Category: Science blog December 8, 2014

We explore new research on how cancer cells divide, and a potential weakness that could be exploited to kill them.

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