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Kat joined Cancer Research UK in 2004, after spending six years as a laboratory researcher. Kat loves talking about science, and regularly comments in the media on the latest discoveries as well as giving talks to staff and supporters. She presents and produces the Cancer Research UK podcast, and is a freelance writer and broadcaster for the Naked Scientists and BBC Radio in her spare time.

#nomakeupselfie – some questions answered

Category: Science Blog March 25, 2014

What does £8m pay for? And what about the polar bears? We answer your questions about #nomakeupselfie.

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Could ‘stealth’ viruses and microbubbles help treat cancer?

Category: Science Blog February 14, 2014

Our researchers are developing innovative new techniques to find better ways to treat cancer in the future.

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Sleeping Beauty reveals childhood brain tumour’s secrets

Category: Science Blog January 17, 2014

Researchers are using a technique called Sleeping Beauty to probe the genetic faults that drive medulloblastoma, the most common type of childhood brain tumour.

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Research saves lives – just ask Eileen, and many thousands like her

Category: Science Blog December 18, 2013

As we launch our new TV ad, bowel cancer survivor Eileen explains how research saved her life and shares her story.

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Reading the code: Professor Tony Kouzarides

Category: Science Blog October 25, 2013

The lab of Cancer Research UK scientist Professor Tony Kouzarides focuses on how genes get turned on and off – we explore his work and how it links to cancer.

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DNA untwister is a new tumour suppressor

Category: Science Blog October 10, 2013

Our researchers are looking at the links between tangled DNA and cancer – find out how a DNA detangling molecule could protect against tumours.

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Doing the twist on damaged DNA – Simon Boulton wins the Paul Marks cancer research prize

Category: Science Blog September 23, 2013

Cancer Research UK scientist Dr Simon Boulton has won a prestigious award for his research – we chatted with him about his current work and future goals.

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