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Justine studied biological sciences at the University of Warwick before diving straight into a PhD at the same institution, working on how HIV hijacks certain transport pathways in cells. After subsequently working as a science writer for several years, Justine joined the Science Communications team at Cancer Research UK in 2016, helping communicate research on cancer to the public and media.

Our milestones: How a surprise discovery is helping improve cancer diagnosis

Category: Science blog July 10, 2017 Comments are closed

This entry is part 26 of 29 in the series Our milestones

Find out how an unexpected discovery by our scientists almost 2 decades ago is helping improve cancer diagnosis today.

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Lung cancer discovery points to a better way to personalise immunotherapy

Category: Science blog June 27, 2017 1 comment

New research by our scientists may have identified a new way to predict which patients might benefit from certain immunotherapies, and those who likely won’t.

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News digest – 8 new grand cancer challenges, blood tests, personalising immunotherapy and… ‘go natural’?

Category: Science blog June 24, 2017 Comments are closed

8 new Grand Challenges in cancer research launched, blood tests for prostate cancer, making immunotherapy more personal and… ‘go natural’? Here’s our we...

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News digest – new smoking regulations, booze warnings, belly fat and… chug some coffee?

Category: Science blog May 27, 2017 Comments are closed

Plain packs are here, booze warnings, proton beam therapy, belly fat and… could drinking coffee help stave off cancer? Here’s our weekly news digest.

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Science Surgery: ‘What factors lead to a cell becoming cancerous?’

Category: Science blog May 26, 2017 4 comments

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Science Surgery

Our Science Surgery series answers your cancer science questions. Read our answer to Patrick’s question.

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Introducing our Science Surgery series

Category: Science blog May 26, 2017 1 comment

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Science Surgery

Our new series, Science Surgery, gives you the opportunity to ask us questions about cancer science and research.

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News digest – vaping, dirty air, ‘carbon-dating’ cancer and… gardening?

Category: Science blog May 13, 2017 Comments are closed

Fewer vapers are smoking cigarettes, ‘carbon-dating’ cancer spread and… gardening to tackle childhood obesity? Here’s our weekly news digest.

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Experimental blood test could offer a glimpse of the future for doctors treating lung cancer

Category: Science blog April 26, 2017 5 comments

An experimental blood test could offer a way to detect early signs that patients’ lung cancers will return after treatment.

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Tracing genetic chaos in 100 lung cancer patients could help predict survival

Category: Science blog April 26, 2017 14 comments

By tracing genetic chaos over time our scientists may have found a way to help predict lung cancer survival.

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Targeting cancer spread: keeping breast tumours under LOX and key

Category: Science blog April 18, 2017 Comments are closed

Find out how our scientists are developing a way to target a troublesome cancer molecule, LOX.

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