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The quest to unravel the side effects of cancer drugs

Science Blog September 5, 2013

An important part of cancer drug treatment is minimising side effects – how are scientists tackling this issue and what does the new research show?

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Today’s headlines about tamoxifen

Science Blog September 4, 2013

Following reports that women who stop taking the breast cancer drug tamoxifen could face their cancer returning, we look at the research behind the headlines.

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Over on Mumsnet: Make cigarettes less attractive to children

Science Blog August 27, 2013

In a guest post on Mumsnet, one of our Ambassadors gives a parent’s view on the importance of introducing standardised tobacco packaging.

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News digest – melanoma in men, local stats, quitting sucesses and more

Science Blog August 23, 2013

In this week’s pick of the cancer headlines we take a look at some new cancer statistics stories, quitting smoking, skin cancer and more.

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Huge genetic analysis points to cancer-causing culprits

Science Blog August 14, 2013

New research has identified genetic clues that could help scientists fingerprint a cancer and help pinpoint its origin – we take an in-depth look.

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‘Mitotic spindles’ could help develop better chemo drugs

Science Blog August 14, 2013

We hear from a cancer research expert about how part of a cell’s internal skeleton links chemotherapy drugs to controlling how cells divide.

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The fearsome complexity of classifying brain tumours

Science Blog August 6, 2013

We take an in-depth look at what brain tumours are, how our knowledge about them is evolving and what this means for tackling brain tumours in the future.

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