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Healthy resolutions 2011 – our interactive lifestyle tool

Category: Science blog January 17, 2011 Comments are closed

New year’s resolutions: easy to make, hard to keep. Yours might even have fallen by the wayside already, or a few slips ...

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“Breast cancer diet” story based on research that wasn’t about breast cancer

Category: Science blog October 5, 2010 Comments are closed

Today, a story appeared in the press claiming that following a “strict diet” for two days a week could “cut breast c...

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Cleaning products and breast cancer – what’s the real story?

Category: Science blog July 20, 2010 7 comments

Looking at the newspapers this morning, you might end up wanting to rush home and clear out all your cupboards of the prod...

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Sunbeds and skin cancer – the evidence stacks up

Category: Science blog June 10, 2010 Comments are closed

Sunbeds increase the risk of skin cancer – the evidence has been overwhelming for some time, and that’s why we support...

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It’s worth quitting smoking – even after developing lung cancer

Category: Science blog March 16, 2010 4 comments

Everyone knows that quitting smoking makes a huge difference to a person’s chance of developing lung cancer. But what ab...

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Jury still out on fizzy drinks and pancreatic cancer

Category: Science blog February 10, 2010 Comments are closed

This week, the headlines have made bold claims about a possible link between drinking too many fizzy drinks and an increas...

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NCRI Cancer Conference: Infections and cancer

Category: Science blog November 10, 2009 Comments are closed

Over the years, it’s become apparent that certain viruses, bacteria and parasites can cause cancer, as exemplified by th...

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Home ‘prostate screening’ kits – are they reliable?

Category: Science blog November 6, 2009 Comments are closed

You may have seen news this week that a batch of home test kits that allegedly screen for prostate cancer has been recalle...

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Are GPs really missing the signs of ovarian cancer?

Category: Science blog August 28, 2009 1 comment

“Most ovarian cancer victims face delays in diagnosis that can kill”, “Ovarian cancer is being missed”, “Women w...

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Roll-your-own cigarettes: how dangerous are they?

Category: Science blog July 7, 2009 12 comments

Lots of people think that rolling their own cigarettes isn’t as bad for them as smoking ready-made ones. But that’s no...

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