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Headlines about morning sunbathing are misleading

Category: Science blog October 27, 2011

Earlier this week, new research was published about the effects of the body’s daily rhythms – known as the ‘circadian clock’ – on how skin responds to...

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Stick with shade, clothes and sunscreen to prevent skin cancer – not coffee

Category: Science blog August 16, 2011

Today, a new study has led to headlines claiming that adding caffeine to sunscreen could improve its effectiveness in preventing skin cancer. But don’t chuc...

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Height and cancer risk – the long and short of it

Category: Science blog July 21, 2011

Today, Cancer Research UK scientists have published research showing that taller people seem to be have a higher risk of cancer. This may seem alarming, but tal...

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Healthy resolutions 2011 – our interactive lifestyle tool

Category: Science blog January 17, 2011

New year’s resolutions: easy to make, hard to keep. Yours might even have fallen by the wayside already, or a few slips weakened your resolve. But don’t giv...

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“Breast cancer diet” story based on research that wasn’t about breast cancer

Category: Science blog October 5, 2010

Today, a story appeared in the press claiming that following a “strict diet” for two days a week could “cut breast cancer risk by 40%”. We think this he...

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Cleaning products and breast cancer – what’s the real story?

Category: Science blog July 20, 2010

Looking at the newspapers this morning, you might end up wanting to rush home and clear out all your cupboards of the products you use to clean your home. The h...

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Sunbeds and skin cancer – the evidence stacks up

Category: Science blog June 10, 2010

Sunbeds increase the risk of skin cancer – the evidence has been overwhelming for some time, and that’s why we supported the new law to protect children fro...

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