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Cervical screening – is age the only debate?

Category: Science blog June 9, 2014

To mark cervical screening awareness week we explore the evidence on how the programme could be improved to prevent more c...

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‘Chemical jobs’ – should women be worried?

Category: Science blog November 22, 2012

There’s been quite a bit of media coverage this week suggesting that women in so-called ‘chemical jobs’ may face a h...

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NCRI conference session: global inequalities in cancer

Category: Science blog November 12, 2012

Despite common (mis)conception that cancer is a ‘modern’ disease of Western society (which we’ve discussed here), we...

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Coffee and cancer – a clearer picture

Category: Science blog May 21, 2012

Coffee is a big part of many people’s lives, but it’s not thought to have many health benefits – it keeps you aw...

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Aspirin and cancer – the picture becomes clearer

Category: Science blog March 21, 2012

NOTE: This post is from 2012. For discussion of today’s headlines please read this post. “Should I be taking aspir...

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The causes of cancer you can control

Category: Science blog December 7, 2011

Can cancer be prevented? Decades of research have shown that a person’s chances of getting cancer depends on a mishmash...

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The Pill and prostate cancer

Category: Science blog November 15, 2011

This morning we woke up to headlines proclaiming that women taking the Pill could increase the risk of… prostate can...

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