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Why are cancer rates increasing?

Category: Science blog February 4, 2015

UK cancer rates are increasing. But why? As we publish new stats on 'lifetime risk', we look at why rates on the up, and w...

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Why we need to talk more about anal cancer

Category: Science blog June 5, 2014

Rates of anal cancer have quadrupled since the mid-70s, but why? We explore the possible reasons, and ask why the media di...

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Science Snaps: why aren’t flies as big as hippos?

Category: Science blog March 13, 2014

In the latest Science Snaps we explore how capturing microscopic images of fly eyes is helping our researchers pinpoint ge...

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Science Snaps: a sea of cells

Category: Science blog February 21, 2014

In the latest edition of Science Snaps we explore the microscopic depths of the intestine and how images are helping resea...

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