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European data laws – where privacy meets progress in research

Category: Science blog June 24, 2015

We look at the latest developments in Europe as a new law on EU data regulations threatens how researchers across the continent do their job.

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Proposed cuts to Europe’s research budget – why we’re fighting back

Category: Science blog May 18, 2015

We explain why a set of proposed cuts to the European research budget could be bad news for the UK research scene.

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A new campaign to safeguard personal data use in research

Category: Science blog December 5, 2014

We’ve launched a new campaign to ensure the EU Data Protection Regulation works in the interest of researchers, patients and the public

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Dr Julian Huppert MP: “What will it take to make UK science great? Investment, people and collaboration”

Category: Science blog November 11, 2014

A guest post from Lib Dem MP and former research scientist, Dr Julian Huppert, on what will keep UK science great

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Two million reasons to beat cancer

Category: Science blog October 7, 2014

Making sure the Government prioritises cancer is a crucial part of our work – that’s why we’re backing the 2 million reasons initiative.

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Liam Byrne MP: Investment in science is an investment in patients

Category: Science blog June 13, 2014

Labour’s Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, shares his vision for science and research in the UK.

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Why the EU elections mean a fresh start for patients in Europe

Category: Science blog April 28, 2014

With the European elections just around the corner, we look at how MEP hopefuls are pledging their commitment to medical research.

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