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Biotherapeutics – a new funding scheme for research

Category: Science Blog October 21, 2014

Our latest funding scheme focuses on the emerging field of biotherapeutics – smarter cancer treatments based on cells and biological molecules.

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Resurrecting stalled cancer drugs

Category: Science Blog April 30, 2014

What happens when the development of a potential new drug stalls? Read how our Clinical Development Partnership scheme is giving some drugs a second chance.

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Beating cancer twice: childhood cancer survivors pursue medical careers

Category: Science Blog January 14, 2014

Read the story of five childhood cancer survivors – inspired to pursue medical careers – as they visit one of our scientists in the lab.

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Putting lung cancer under the magnifying glass

Category: Science Blog August 15, 2013

Lung cancer isn’t one of our most impressive success stories. While we have much to celebrate for many other cancers – like testicular cancer, which nea...

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Government must put children’s health before tobacco’s profits

Category: Science Blog May 2, 2013

Next Wednesday, in a ceremony full of tradition and colour, the Queen marks the formal start of the parliamentary year. This will include a speech that sets out...

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