News digest – repurposed drugs, HIV, bisphosphonates and… a prostate cancer ‘cure’?

Category: Science blog September 30, 2017 Gabriella Beer 2 comments

A human immune cell infected with HIV.

Number of the week


Women with a disability in the UK are 36% less likely to attend breast cancer screening, compared to those with no reported disability.

And finally…

We reported that a form of ‘precision’ radiotherapy that targets the pelvis is safe to use on men with advanced localised prostate cancer. But other media reports jumped the gun a little, saying the study showed the radiotherapy technique could ‘cure’ patients. What the headlines didn’t stress is that the trial was testing the safety of the treatment, called IMRT, rather than how it affected survival. The research is still promising though and does suggest that this type of radiotherapy should be studied further for these men. NHS Choices had this excellent account of the complex study.